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Larix Player for Android

SRT, SLDP, Icecast, RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH playback on Android and Android TV

Larix Player for Android covers live streaming playback:

  • SRT playback support for streaming over unreliable networks.
  • All SRT modes are supported: Pull (Caller), Listen and Rendezvous, libsrt version 1.5.0.
  • SLDP, Icecast and RTMP/RTMPS playback.
  • HLS and MPEG-DASH support via embedded ExoPlayer.
  • Android TV support.
  • AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 video via all video protocols.
  • VP8 and VP9 video via SLDP.
  • AAC and MP3 audio.
  • Opus audio via SLDP and SRT.
  • AC3 and E-AC3 audio via SRT on devices which have codec support.
  • Widevine and Playready DRM support for MPEG-DASH with H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC via ExoPlayer.
    Try Nimble Streamer DRM for a reference implementation.
  • SLDP real-time adaptive bitrate (ABR) support.
  • Synchronized playback on multiple devices. Also visit demo page to see it in action.
  • Offset support for zap time decrease.
  • Registers as system handler for sldp://, rtmp:// and srt:// links in browsers.
  • HTML links with srt:// will be opened in Larix Player with following SRT params: mode(rendezvous/listener/caller), latency, maxbw, pbkeylen, passphrase, streamid

Larix Player free app


You can use Larix Player for free. Read this description to learn more about the setup and watch the video below.
Documentation reference page has a list of articles and videos about our mobile apps setup and usage.
Read more about Using Magewell Ultra Encode with the Larix Player App to Transport SRT Streams.

If you need APK for Larix Player, you can download it here.

Get it on Google Play

Larix Player SDK

Softvelum provides Player SDK which includes source code of the Larix Player for Android and Android TV.
You can build your own apps for Android and Android TV based on Player playback library and code.

Go to Larix Player SDK for Android page

Larix Broadcaster

If you need not only to play but to stream from your mobile device, check out Larix Broadcaster for Android and iOS.